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Autumn Morning Entity

Autumn Morning Entity

Edition Type: Limited-Edition Fine-Art Collectible
Edition Size: 50
Edition Price Tier: Tier 1 About My Pricing
Edition Print Sizes: 16x24 & above
Original Artist’s Proof: A.P. 1/3 - 24x36 Giclee Canvas Art Wrap - SOLD; A.P. 2/3 - 24x36 Epic Metal Aluminum Art w/ gold modern scooped frame - SOLD; A.P. 3/3 - AVAILABLE & ready to custom print (Pearl/Metallic Premium Art Paper only)
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Also available as a 5x7 Quotable Art Card

“As the rising sun broke the mountain’s edge and cast that beautiful autumnal morning light upon the sloped aspen treetops – radiating their golden warming glow to the cold tree-trunks below – I was reminded just how special the Spirit of this time of morning and year is. A time so fraught in glory, there should be a way to combine into one word both 'Autumn' and 'Morning' – the unity of which special enough in whole to be an entity of its own.” ~ Jack Mountain

Photographed on the Waterline Road, a publicly unused forest road near Flagstaff's Inner Basin and Lockett Meadow.