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Frequently Asked Questions About How To Use My Website:

Use the following short instructional videos to learn how to unlock the full potential of my website -- Store, recall, manage and share your favorite images with the photographer or others; Learn the various ways to order your image products and configure their options in the shopping cart; And learn how to share your shopping cart with the photographer or others, with statements or questions before completing the transaction.


How To Manage And Share Your Favorite Images:

Did you know that you could mark any and all images of mine that you enjoy as favorites?  This is a great feature so that you can not only add and save your favorite images for easy recall later, but can also share the set of favorites with me, the photographer, along with some text notes about questions or comments.  Not only that, you could share your favorites with anyone you choose - friends, family, etc.  This feature helps facilitate better communication and collaboration with the artist and/or your friends about your favorite images that you are considering purchasing.  View this embedded video to demonstrate the full capabilities of using the "Favorites" feature at John Morey Photography.


How To Order Prints & Other Products:

Ordering a single image to be printed is not a difficult task, and ordering multiple different prints and sizes is pretty easy too.  However, the robust features I have built in around selecting the print, selecting the product to print on, as well as managing order options, changes, and checking out, may not be completely intuitive; and like many things, there are multiple ways to get it done.  View this embedded video to demonstrate the full capabilities of ordering and configuring your purchase to your needs.


How To Share Your Shopping Cart Before Final Purchase:

Very similar to the way you would share "Favorite" images with the artist or your friends and family, the John Morey Photography shopping cart also has the robust feature to be shared -- either to me or your friends.  This is a very useful feature if you got all the way to the shopping cart with your selected images and products, and then wanted to stop and make sure you have everything correct before continuing on to shipping and payment.  Please understand that once you submit and pay for an order, I have limited ability to alter or fix an order before it is sent along to my chosen vendors for fulfillment. If a mistake is made in your order selection and payment, before I approve the order and send it along to the fulfilling vendor, I can easily cancel the order for you, so that we can recreate the order again properly, but wouldn't be much easier just to email me the cart for a final review before you pay?  If a mistake is made at this point, I can easily fix your shopping cart for you and email it right back to you with the changes for your final review before finishing the transaction.  When you click the link of the new shopping cart mailed back to you, with your permission it will simply replace whatever current shopping cart you have saved with the new one.  Take advantage of this powerful feature before you make your purchase if you have any question or concern all.  No instructional video exists for this process, but the following steps are simple and intuitive:

  1. After shopping and selecting the images you wish to purchase, click the top right shopping cart icon from any page to access your shopping cart.
  2. In the shopping cart, just above the section of all the prints and products you selected, click the button/link called "Email Cart".
  3. In the "Email Cart" popup, you can choose to either send the cart to John Morey Photography, or to a friend.
  4. Fill in remaining fields if needed, and write your concise comments or questions into the message box.
  5. Now click the last "Email Cart" button to send it.