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Keywords:Black & White, Canis, arizona, black, black & white, clouds, cloudy, coyote, desert, howling, latrans, monochrome, monument valley, monumental, powerful, primal, profile, silhouette, sillouette, silouette, sky, southwest, summer, sunset, west, wild, wildlife
Till Nighttime End

Till Nighttime End

Edition Type: Open-Edition Fine-Art Décor
Edition Size: Unlimited
Edition Price Tier: Tier 4 About My Pricing
Edition Print Sizes: All Sizes
Original Artist’s Proof: A.P. 1/3 - 16x20 Premium Satin Paper, channel-grooved double-mat w/smooth black & umber gray, in ebony scoop frame w/glass - SOLD; A.P. 2/3 - AVAILABLE & ready to custom print (sheer metal only); A.P. 3/3 - AVAILABLE & ready to custom print (epic metal or canvas only)
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"The Coyote will be my friend.
I'll stay up late and howl,
At the moon, till nighttime end,
Before going on the prowl.” ~ Bill Watterson