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When I Am With You

When I Am With You

Edition Type: Limited-Edition Fine-Art Collectible
Edition Size: 25
Edition Price Tier: Tier 2 About My Pricing
Edition Print Sizes: 12x18 & above
Original Artist’s Proof: A.P. 1/1 - 16x24 Epic Metal Aluminum Art w/ 1/2" solid-core frameless float mount - AVAILABLE
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"I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you" ~ Roy Croft

It was another fine morning at Thousand Island Lake at the base of Mt. Banner, in the Ansel Adams Wilderness. The air was crisp and the lake waters were still, as the morning dew saturated everything around me. I considered the trials I faced over the previous days to stand here in this glorious moment with glorious light, and I was certain that my efforts were worth it, for when I am with nature such as this love is very much present.