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To Reflect Upon Our Magic And Beauty

To Reflect Upon Our Magic And Beauty

Edition Type: Limited-Edition Fine-Art Collectible
Edition Size: 25
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"Often when around truly still waters, I am at peace with the world and within my own. In these precious moments, I am drawn to changing my perspective of life and capturing the unique reflections of the world around me, for in that reflective perspective change I find new magic and beauty. And in retrospect, I also eventually realize that to discover such magic and beauty is really just a new reflection and discovery of my inner-self.

To reflect upon ourselves when surrounded by the storms of life will only produce an image that is disturbed and largely different than how we really are in the world around us. Only when your waters are still and surrounded by peace, can your reflections of yourself be clear and near genuine.

The still-waters required for one to see the most true and accurate reflection of Nature, and with Self as well, are so rare to come by that we hardly ever see them, or if we do we may not be present to it, but it is important to look for them in life.

Like the still-waters required to create this crisp and sharp reflection of reality, we must find our own still-waters within. We must be still-in-heart, and still-in-mind, in order to accurately reflect upon the wonder of our own true magic and beauty within. And if our waters are slightly rippled or disturbed in the least, at best we will have a distorted view of our magic and beauty within, or perhaps no view at all." ~ Jack Mountain

This piece is an emotional reminder that during times of turbulence, upheaval, or maybe things just feel a little upside down in the world, to seek out stillness. Only then can you accurately reflect upon your magic and beauty within and the situations you find yourself in.

Photographed at one of the Clark Lakes within the Ansel Adams Wilderness area of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountain range.