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Migrating Shades Of Grey

Migrating Shades Of Grey

"Shades of grey wherever I go,
The more I find out the less that I know.
Black and white is how it should be,
But shades of grey are the colors I see.” ~ Billy Joel

While on safari adventure in Tanzania's Serengetti plains, I was fortunate enough to capture moments of the beginnings of the annual "Great Migration". While the migration is primarily known as an event that occurs with Wildebeast -- as they embark on an annual journey from Tanzania, through Kenya, and back again -- the migration movements also occasionally include Zebra, as well as gazelle.

I captured this moment of seeming chaos as a large herd of both Zebra and Wildebeast stopped at a watering hole to re-hydrate. The dust being stirred up in the melee caught my eye with nothing but a field of black and white in my frame, thus turning to all sorts of shades of grey.