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The Sky Watcher of Monument Valley

The Sky Watcher of Monument Valley

Do you see her? Oddly the Navajo of Monument Valley, don't have a name for her. On a privately guided tour last year, guide David Clark of the Navajo Nation, took me to a spot around sunset that he said was his favorite place of the valley. David being easily over 60 now recalled to me the times as a young boy when he played here, and how it is a comforting place for him to bring people and just relax. Over the years, David has been involved with almost every major movie production filmed in the Valley and recounted many stories. One he was particularly fond of but laughed about the true impossibility of it was "Mission Impossible II", when in the beginning Tom Cruise is climbing and jumping around on the sandstone cliffs and gets called into duty. Another he was fond of was when Ford produced a commercial with one of their trucks on top of one of the monuments.