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Deer Creek Flowing Falls

Deer Creek Flowing Falls

After a steep half mile tail from the river, the trail levels out following a slot canyon along narrow precipices, until you reach the wide open area known as "The Patio". This area spreads out with nice bits of sunlight and shade provided by a pocket of Cottonwood trees, with lovely Deer Creek running through it in a series of waterfalls. This is a wonderful place to just relax and cool off in the spring-fed waters, and I could have spent hours here.

Of the many side canyon tributaries that drain into the Colorado River from the Grand Canyon, Deer Creek is a stream that flows through the western Grand Canyon and is fed by a series of springs providing a continuous base flow to creek. During periods of intense rainfall, It can experience severe flash flooding. In the final half mile above the Colorado River, Deer Creek flows through a narrow slot canyon before plunging over a 150 feet waterfall named Deer Creek Falls.