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National Canyon Immensity

National Canyon Immensity

National Canyon is located on mile 167 of the Colorado River when rafting through the Grand Canyon. It is a classic stop for river trips, and nearly impossible to legal access from the rim, because the route would have to pass through the Hualapai Nation. National Canyon for many years was one of the larger and more popular campsites on the river, however in the summer of 2012 it was hit by an apocalyptic flash flood that wiped it out, making it not so great of a place to camp anymore, but it is still a decent half-mile hike up the canyon with some periodic scrambling, to a nice waterfall and swimming area. The big flood inside this canyon also ripped out all trees in here and scoured the canyon’s lower cliff walls of all vegetation.

Pictured here is a scene along the return to the river, where some vegetation still exists higher up the walls, the scale of which is exemplified by two ladies of our party in the scene of this immense canyon, leading back to an even more immense canyon.