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Canyon Chocolate Cake Confections

Canyon Chocolate Cake Confections

Flashing Muddy Waterfall

Photographed on September 9th, 2014, which was the day after the remnants of Hurricane Norbert had moved through the Phoenix Valley causing major flooding not seen in years, and was now moving through Northern Arizona. Meanwhile and unbeknownst to me of these events, after eight days of rafting on the Colorado River, it was a long last morning of sporadic heavy rain-fall in the Grand Canyon, as I waited for my helicopter extraction from the Whitmore Wash rafting take-out area to Bar 10 Ranch. The storm was causing major delays for the helicopter to fly and pick me up, but it finally broke through the storm, and after waiting my turn I was finally picked up and flying out of the canyon. As the helicopter ascended and left the river behind, I saw this unknown-to-me side canyon and waterfall flash flooding torrential muddy water. I opened a vent window in the helicopter, which was impossibly positioned near my lap, stuck my 70-200mm lens with 2X extender out of the window and composed this shot through the vari-angle LCD of my Canon 70D camera, because there was no way possible to contort myself into a position to use my view-finder. For all the difficulties and inconveniences of the day, this difficult to catch image with the mere seconds I had was my reward, and I was satisfied.