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Glancing Blows

Glancing Blows

While floating down The Colorado River through The Grand Canyon, I had the great fortune to watch a small herd of Desert Big Horn Sheep near the shore-line. The herd consisted of about 2 Rams, 4 Ewes, and 5 lambs. During my observation, I witnessed the early beginning of the breeding season.

The two rams pictured here both decided they wanted the same ewe, and she was not fancy on either of them. The Ewe chose to do her best to evade them, but then the chase really began. For the next 10 minutes the pursuit continued at high speeds back and forth along the shore-line. Twice while I watched the chase, the lead ram turned with little warning, rearing up and smashing with great force his horns against the horns of the other ram. As if a gun shot had went off, the sound echoed in the canyon, but there was no time for further combat, because the ewe had continued running away. The pursuit continued again and eventually all 3 ran over a hill out of view.