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Náshdóíłbái's Lesson Of Solitude

Náshdóíłbái's Lesson Of Solitude

This Bobcat was recently photographed in Navajo lands. Bobcats are named "Náshdóíłbái" in the Navajo language and are respected and greatly honored by the Navajo People. Those who have the Bobcat spirit totem in their lives have much to learn, but we must be willing and open to receiving these messages.

You are not likely to see one in the wild even when they are near. Bobcat keeps away from view and those with Bobcat energy tend to be loners. As the Bobcat is primarily a solitary creature, reclusive and shy, we may take its presence as a sign for us to step back from the company of certain people in our lives. Or, the Bobcat may be trying to tell us that we need some time to ourselves. Alone time is time for us to reflect, and regain our energy. The Bobcat intrinsically knows this, and may be trying to tell you to take a break away from the public eye.