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Náshdóíłbái's Silence, Solitude and Secrets

Náshdóíłbái's Silence, Solitude and Secrets

Silence, Solitude, and Secrets are the qualities of the Navajo bobcat, Náshdóíłbái, if you are person with the Bobcat Totem in your life. Having recently photographed this Bobcat in Navajo country, one could say I too am currently working with a bobcat animal totem.

People with a Bobcat totem are often solitary like their totem animal. Coming to terms with that, learning to be alone without being lonely is part of what the Bobcat can teach. However, you must be careful not become a recluse. Learn when to be social and when you need alone-time.

Bobcat people often become keeper of secrets and they must learn never to break their silence and friend’s confidences. If trust is broken, things will be distorted and blown out of proportion. Keep the secret -- maintain the silence -- honor the trust given.

Bobcats have the ability to turn on and off creative forces. Bobcat magic uses darkness and secrecy; be silent about your magic and power – don’t broadcast what you can do to everyone. Speaking of it dissipates the power. You must learn when to speak, how much to say, and what to share with others. This is essential.

Bobcat people are night people. They also can have psychometry (the ability to sense an object) and/or clairaudience. Trust in your senses. Even if there is no logical reason, trust what your inner voice is saying. Bobcat people can see what is hidden -- and this ability can make some people uncomfortable around a Bobcat person.