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Nashtuítso Takes Charge

Nashtuítso Takes Charge

On a recent adventure to Navajo lands this past spring, I was fortunate to have some encounters with the Cougar, known as Nashtuítso to the Navajo. Those who have the Cougar medicine spirit totem in their lives have much to learn, but we must be willing and open to receiving these messages.

Mountain Lion is a take charge totem or energy. Mountain Lion people are such natural leaders that others tend to take their leadership for granted. If no one else is leading, Mountain Lion will naturally take over. Mountain Lion is not often allowed to show vulnerability. Mountain Lion is graceful and balances intention, strength and responsibility. Others are always safe when Mountain Lion is in charge. However, Mountain Lion does not think twice about taking on all the work. Examine whether you are delegating effectively. When you do everything for others, you train them to depend on you.