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Náshdóíłbái - The Keeper Of Secrets

Náshdóíłbái - The Keeper Of Secrets

Bobcats (Lynx rufus) are common throughout Arizona at all elevations, especially in rimrock and chaparral areas, and in the outskirts of urban areas where food is readily available. Bobcats are smaller catlike animals with large hind legs and a bobbed tail. The short tail is black at the end and on top. Other distinctive features of Bob Cat include tufts of hair on the ears and jaws. Bob Cat also looks like the Lynx although Lynx are larger and grayer in color. Symbolisms are similar.

This Bobcat was recently photographed in Navajo lands. Bobcats are named "Náshdóíłbái" in the Navajo language and are respected and greatly honored by the Navajo People. They are keepers of secrets.

Bobcat knows the secrets and sees people for the way they are at a level the person may not even be aware of. Look beyond the obvious and discern what is hidden. If you have Bob Cat medicine, people tend to share confidences with you and tell you their secrets. Be careful to keep these confidences.