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Go After It And Hold On

Go After It And Hold On

In May of this year I started a documentation project on the Osprey. It started with the discovery of an active nest and took off from there. While documented the nest well, the comings and goings, the deliveries, the protecting when other birds encroached certain boundaries, and all the other animals that live around the nest and play subtle but important roles. After 10 shoots on various mornings and late afternoons there was nothing more to do here, yet it felt incomplete though, unless I can also document the catching of the meals to be brought to the nest.

So, I set out for one more session to go after it, as if it would just happen and it would just be like running to the store for a quick errand...well in my heart I know things like this are never quick, but I hold onto hope. The sunrise was cloudless, and the wind, well was non-existent...I mean not even the slightest hint of breeze...Let me put it a different way...This 230 acre lake's surface was completely still, not a ripple anywhere to be found - it was a lake of glass. Well, I got my shots within 15 minutes, yet the peace of the lake and lack of wind continued all the way till 9am, I was amazed. This was too easy, I better go visit the herons rookery now and get that video I want of that one particular nest being fed...yep, I got that one too. It was a good day for going after it and holding on.

People with the Osprey spirit animal medicine totem know how to go after what they want. They also know how to hold onto it once they get it. Thus they can dive deeply into the pools of creativity and draw forth what they need to move forward. Folks with this spirit animal have impeccable timing in all matters. They also know exactly when to grab at opportunities. These folks tend to treat others with a great deal of respect, regardless of how they feel about them. They always maintain their integrity even in a clash of wills with another.