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David Clark, Navajo Nation Citizen

David Clark, Navajo Nation Citizen

Meet David Clark (really that is his name), Navajo Nation citizen. Its not often I decide to break from landscape, nature, and wildlife themes in my photography, and jump into portraits. But when I do it is because of pure beauty in a moment where the face of a man confirms his great character and story. I found David to have such rich, yet quiet and humble character, that I could not resist sequestering him and capturing what brought so much meaning and awe to my specially arranged after-park-hours visit to Monument Valley, AZ.

Yeah, I could have shown you the same great pictures that everyone see from this special place, but this image represents what made everything else possible. I'll be going back first chance I can get and when I do, it will be camping and sitting fireside in Monument Valley with David, the most regarded tour driver in this section of the Navajo Nation.