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Marshall Lake Mountain Majesty

Marshall Lake Mountain Majesty

Another mountain view I regularly seek out from the South of Mt. Humphries. Marshall Lake, out of all the bodies of water found on Anderson Mesa, is not only one of the closest of the lakes to town and the mountains, but in my opinion the most enchanting of them all. I often stay the night here when I need to reminded of the peace that is in my soul and I am not on some other mission. On evenings when the air is still, clear, and cooling, the majesty of the mountains is accompanied by a symphony of nature sounds...from what seems to be every marsh bird and fowl in the world chirping, chattering, and flapping to each other at the same time, to the multiple packs of coyotes that serenade each other from various tree-lines around the lake, to the splish-clomping-splash of unseen elk with in the interior of reed-sided lake-edges, this cathedral's magic majesty puts me in peace...if only it would last longer.