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The Leap of Nashtuítso's Leadership

The Leap of Nashtuítso's Leadership

On a recent adventure to Navajo lands this past spring, I was fortunate to have some encounters with the Cougar, known as Nashtuítso to the Navajo. Those who have the Cougar medicine spirit totem in their lives have much to learn, but we must be willing and open to receiving these messages.

The spirit of the Cougar chose to take the earth and walk as a spiritual hunter. The Cougar can jump 20 feet vertically and 40 feet horizontally in a single leap. A cougar will leap at opportunities. Those with cougar spirit medicine take control of their life and circumstances most effectively. It is associated with leadership and teaches decisiveness in the use of personal power. When it attacks it does not hesitate. When threatened it goes for the most vulnerable place. Cougar is not often allowed to show vulnerability.