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Keywords:Arizona, Autumn, Havasu Creek, Havasupai, North America, USA, amazing, astro, astrophotography, canyon, celestial, connected, connection, cosmic, cosmos, gazing, grand canyon, humbling, light pollution, looking up, milky way, muir, night, nighttime, oneness, quiet, silhouette, sillouette, silouette, skies, sky, solitude, southwest, star gazing, stars, together, trees, wonderous
Cognizance Is Our Crest 2X

Cognizance Is Our Crest 2X

"Looking up and out, how can we not respect this ever-vigilant cognizance that distinguishes us: the capability to envision, to dream, and to invent? the ability to ponder ourselves? and be aware of our existence on the outer arm of a spiral galaxy in an immeasurable ocean of stars? Cognizance is our crest." ~ Vanna Bonta

Photographed from a perch atop Mooney Falls of Havasupai, in the Grand Canyon. During the day from this vantage point I could view a long length of Havasu Creek in the canyon below, which during the evening was replaced by a long length of the starry river of the Milky Way in the sky above.