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These are the top 25 images out of 51 from last month’s Voting, spanning various types of shots and subject matter, which represent images that I may submit for contests in the future. I often find what I believe is a worthy image may not be the same as my audience believes, as I may not be fully objective on the matter – which demonstrated itself in the last round of voting, leaving many images I’ve been attached to on the floor, because they did not make the voting cut.

Please vote for at least 5 but no more than 10, by "liking" them. After 1 week of voting I will pick the top 10 voted images for a new round of votes to establish the "Top 3", based on your opinion.

Thanks for your participation, and please share this gallery with anyone and everyone!
A Cat of Many NamesCloudy Cathedral Over Brooding BridalveilUnlock Your Doors And Windows Of The SensesWith Rivers As With Good FriendsCentury Sentry's Lonely FreedomSecond SpringSkyline Arch SunriseRacetrack Of Perseverance & HopeTrembling ThirstFallen Desert AffectionsThe Elusive NashtuítsoSonoran Starry Night (large composite)Let Your Own Light ShineFinding PerspectiveBald Eagle Sonoran SuccessDelicate ExperienceTower ArchThe Report Of Peace And SunshineEssence And SubstanceLooking For My Distant Self

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