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Upon A Grand Pedestal

Upon A Grand Pedestal

“Humans don't belong upon pedestals, placed by peers or by selves looking upon reflections. If so placed, all will eventually fall to grand expectations. Pedestals are best left for things with grounded humility, like rocky bush, and tree, where the only expectation is to just be" ~ Jack Mountain

The fresh and untouched Spring snow as the morning light began to breakthrough the retreating flurries sparked brightly. In the distance, the backlit flurries danced with the flickered light shining upon the first edges of the canyon below. Before me, this scene of tree, bush, and rock living through time, day after day, upon a grand pedestal. This is Mather Pt. on the South Rim, and while a pretty view, it rarely stands out so gloriously. As I sat here and composed my perspective on life, I also realized that this spot is rarely so quiet with a feeling of isolation and solitude. It was in these rare quiet and glorious moments at this scene, when I realized I placed certain beauties in my life upon a grand pedestal, not too dissimilar than this one in a way – isolated, difficult to access, and nice to admire when the light is right. I wondered why humans do such things, musing how we don’t have the humility to do so without lofty expectations, often unattainable. Oh, if only we had the grounding of rock, bush, and tree, it would be a life full of expecting only to just be.