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Apologies For Cathedral’s Bride's Groom

Apologies For Cathedral’s Bride's Groom

Apologies For Cathedral’s Bride's Groom
Yosemite National Park’s Bridalveil Falls flowing out of Cathedral Rock and Spires.
I drove 10.5 hours all night long and into the morning to here. I entered the park but then was delayed by the road being closed. There was a summer storm brewing that oddly was causing the possibility of ice and snow and the man made me pull over with a line of other cars instructing everyone to put on chains. I have a freaking Jeep with big old fat knobby Rubicon tires...I didn't have chains, its the Summer, but the man still managed to make me feel like an idiot for not being prepared. So there I sat in the Jeep, running my heater, figuratively and literally. I didn't get out and just listened to music while watching all the other people on the road struggle with their chains. Finally the man got the all clear that whatever road hazard might be awaiting us was cleared and started to wave us through. I pulled up to him and asked "Is this going to be a problem?" He paused, looked at me, looked at the Jeep, then looked at the tires. "No, you're fine." After continuing to drive through the worst of the June storm, it suddenly cleared as I finally started descending into Yosemite Valley for the first time ever visiting this place. Often the first waterfall seen by visitors to Yosemite Valley, and quite iconic and heavily photographed, I hoped for something special to set my imagery apart from the gluttony of other images that exist of this scene, and with insane fortune, my immediate vision of the valley was met with this apology for my trouble.
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