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Ever think about printing your own images really large, but just don't feel confident or have knowledge in all the processes to do so? Let me consult for you!

It's simple...send me a photo of yours and ask what I can do. I'll take your best version of the photo you have (JPG, TIFF, or any Raw format), taken on a cell phone or a really good camera, and then I will pixel peep it and send you a reply about how much I can do about Color Correction, Sharpness and Clarity Correction, other increases to image quality through the enlargement process, as well as how far I believe I can enlarge it without loss in quality. I will also critique the image for various compositional aspects that align with various principals of the psychology of photography, and recommend various ways to present the image to provoke better emotional response. If you like what you hear, then we move forward.

Once I have made the improvements using my proprietary methods and processes, I will conduct with you a simple 5-10 minute Zoom call. In this call, I will demonstrate the before image vs the after image, as well as mockups using various mediums and styles to use for production of your piece. As we do so, you will see in real time how your design choices effect the overall price of your job.

From this point on, I manage the rest of the production of your improved and enlarged file: Printing, finishing, framing or mounting, and then drop ship directly to your door.

My consulting fee for performing and managing this entire process is $300. The rest of the cost will be in your decisions of how to print and finish it, which I will pass on transparently at my wholesale cost to do so.

Here are some samples of previous work performed with other people's images:
Once Upon A Time In Scottsdale

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