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No Starting Point Or Destination

No Starting Point Or Destination

"Man sees the morning as the beginning of a new day; he takes germination as the start in the life of a plant, and withering as its end. But this is nothing more than biased judgment on his part. Nature is one. There is no starting point or destination, only an unending flux, a continuous metamorphosis of all things." ~ Masanobu Fukuoka

There comes a time when every nature photographer stops the chase and knows it is time for nature to come to him -- whether it is fatigue or wisdom, I can't say. I spent the morning furiously hiking this way and that, intense towards capturing the best imagery and light possible; as if every changing moment might be the last without knowing what is just around the next bend in the trail. How many times have I passed by the best thinking there would be better, only to have squandered it? Oh that reckless pursuit in search of something better, will it ever end? I stopped and I knew. This was it, and I shall wait. Without knowing what is around the bend, I shall wait -- There is no starting point or destination, just the here and now of perfection.