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From Darkness To Miracle

From Darkness To Miracle

“We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise if we have waited in the darkness” ~ Unknown

It was a long restless night and I anxiously awaited what I might witness once the night broke. I drove into the Grand Canyon North Rim around 1am in the morning, hoping that I might find some lovely Autumn colors awaiting me in the morning. It was an arduous journey, fraught with peril the last 10 miles, as my headlights barely showed me on the shoulder of the road one herd of deer after another, every few hundred feet. White knuckled on the steering wheel, I prayed that none would spook and jump out right in front of me, which thankfully did not happen.

Once past that, and finally onto back-country forest roads, I strained in the moonlit darkness to see if any aspens were around with any color, but I could not perceive it very well. I had to wait in the darkness for the sun to rise to get my answer, and get my answer I did. This fine miracle of sunrise revealed to me that everything was indeed right in the world and that my journey through the darkness would be rewarded.