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We All Travel Together

We All Travel Together

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“We all travel the Milky Way together, trees and men.” ~ John Muir

Captured from my campsite in Havasupai, in the Grand Canyon. During the day from this place, I could terrestrially connect with Havasu Creek meandering through the forested canyon floor. During the evening however, my connection was replaced by the celestial starry river of the Milky Way meandering through the forested canyon canopy. Spending 5 days backpacking here alone, with nary another to chat with, my adventure felt lonely and lonesome, wishing for my travel companions that backed out at the last moment days before. I fretted at first being here alone, however by this cold evening thinking about these rivers above me, below me, and within me, I felt a bit of oneness with the Autumn blushing trees here, wrapping up another aged year in the grand cycle, as we all travel together, we trees and men.