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The Watchman Autumn Dawn

The Watchman Autumn Dawn

The Watchman (far left center) is the most photographed icon in Zion National Park. Most photographers feel obliged to have a good Watchman shot in their collection and I am no exception. The challenge is how to put your personal touch on an iconic shot, and even then you could still probably find another like it, since it is so heavily photographed -- especially from the view point of the Canyon Junction Bridge, such as this image of mine.

I took my liberties here, in the quickly rising and heavily contrasting sunrise with deep shadows, by shooting and producing this icon in a series of 5 varied long exposures and merging together to produce a high dynamic range of lighting, I then re-mapped the tones into this artistic rendering, to both more equally meet the lighting range the human eye sees in these situations which the camera cannot; and then to compliment the brushed sky and water effects caused from doing long exposures, I chose to give it an extra painting-like feel by selectively saturating and desaturating various color channels, to draw strong attention to the surrounding Autumn season.

My sunrise was enchanting and I hope you find my rendition of it to be enchanting as well. This limited edition image produces well on Fuji Pearl paper, brushed Chromaluxe aluminum, and especially Lumachrome Acrylic.