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Trembling Thirst

Trembling Thirst

Moments before the waterhole was empty, no beast or bird, nor croc was about. The local guide assured me, much to my disappointment, that no crocodiles were in this waterhole. There was something coming in the distance, a rumble or tremble of dusty smoke on the horizon, and there was tension in the air. We took our position and soon enough the guide's suspicions were true -- Another migratory group was coming through, and they might stop to drink. You see these gigantic forming herds of Wildebeast and Zebra don't stop at every opportunity to drink, rather they often will be on the move for 24 - 36 hours between stops. We were rewarded.

In this image, I've captured 3 zebras drinking from the pond I sat next to. The tension in the air was thick as you could plainly see these beasts were horribly fearful of the water; they have no way of knowing if crocs are in this water or not. Scores of zebra jostled and nervously approached, taking postion to escape if needed but still attempt to quench their thrist. The fear, was continuously exclaimed with the punctuation of sudden violent stampedes of groups of the zebras, getting triggered by the simple flinch of a nearby comrade.