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Volcano Dog

Volcano Dog

OK, so it is a million year old volcano and completely safe, but it sure is a bizarre terrain walking around in what used to be the guts of this cinder cone. While happy to be with me, Spirit I think was happy to leave and get back on the trail, as there just wasn't a lot of room to play chase or run around.

Photographed inside of Red Mountain, of the Coconino National Forest, Arizona. Red Mountain is a spectacular little mountain located about 30 miles north of Flagstaff in the San Francisco Volcanic Field. Like everything in the vicinity of Flagstaff, Red Mountain's geologic features can be credited to the volcanic activities of the area. Maintained by the Coconino National Forest, Red Mountain offers the perfect weekend day trip. There is a very nice trail maintained by the Forest Service that goes to the peak. Not only is the peak cool geologically speaking (see next paragraph for information on why that is so cool), the views are drop dead gorgeous from the summit and all around. From the summit, you have great views of Humphreys Peak, Kendrick peak, Slate Mountain and of much more of the area including glimpses of the Grand Canyon. The views that Red Mountain make it worth the visit. However, the real beauty of the mountain lays in its geological features.